Thursday, April 14, 2016


Creating Base Features by Extrusion

The Pad tool is one of the most widely used tools top create the base features. To a base feature using this tool, draw the sketch and exit the Sketcher workbench. Then, choose the down arrow on the right of the Pad tool in the Sketch-Based Features toolbar; the Pads sub-toolbar will be displayed. Select the Sketch then choose the Pads sub-toolbar; the sub-toolbar; Pad Definition dialog box will be displayed, we will be enter promoted to enter the required data to modified the pad. Also the name of selected sketch will be displayed in the Selection display box and the preview of the pad feature will be display in the geometry area. Set the value of the depth in the length spinner.
Creating Base Features by evolving Sketches

to create the revoled feature , draw the sketch that will be revolvsd aroun the centre line, also known as axis. Next, exist the sketcher workbench and choose the Shaft button from sketch based features toolbar; the Shaft Defination dialog box will be displayed, also the preview of the shaft feature using the default parameters will displayed in the geometry area.

The name of the sketch will be displayed in the Selection display box of the profile/Surface area. By default, the first angle spinner will displays 360deg. Therefore, the sketch revole by 360deg. We can also set the angular values of the first angle and second angle spiner to define the angle in the first and second directions. Note that the sum of the angles must be equale to or less than 360deg angle.we can also Reverse direction button and thin shaft features from the shaft defination dalog box.
Creating Drafted Filleted pad Features

We can create an extruded feature having drafted faces and filleted edges using the Drafted filleted Pad tool. To create this feature, draw the sketch and exit sketcher workbench. Then

Menubar: Insert > Sketch-Based Feature > Drafted filleted pad

Toolbar:     Sketch-Based feature > Pad-sub toolbar > Drafted filleted pad.

On doing so the Drafted filleted pad definition dialog box will be displayed, next we need to specify a reference for a second limit, now select the sketching plane on which the sketch is drawn as the second limit; and preview the extruded feature is displayed in geometry area. Set the value of depth of the extrusion in the length spinner. Specify the value of drafted angle in the angle spinner and then Ok.

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