Wednesday, April 13, 2016

CATIA educational report


Most components designed using CATIA V5-R19 are a combination of sketched features, placed features, and derived features. The placed feature is created without drawing a sketch whereas the sketched features require a sketch that defines its shape.

The sketcher workbench provides the space and tools to draw sketches of the solid model. Generally, the first sketch drawn to start the decision is called the base sketch, which is then converted into a base feature. However, once we gate familiar with the advanced option of CATIA V5, we will also be able to use a drive feature or a derived part as the based feature.

To draw a sketch, invoke the sketcher workbench in the part design workbench or the assembly design workbench by closing the sketch tool from the sketcher toolbar. Next select a plane to draw a sketch. Draw the sketch and proceed the part design or wireframe and surface design workbench to convert it into a solid model or surface model.

Starting with new file

Choose part design from Start > Mechanical design; we will enter into a part design workbench and new part dialog box will be displayed, enter the part name and select Enable hybrid design radio button and then ok to start new file workbench in part design workbench.
Invoking the sketcher workbench using the sketch tool.

To invoke the sketcher workbench using the method, choose the sketch tool from sketch. Select a plane from three default planes in the specification tree of from the geometry area the sketcher workbench will be invoked and the selected plane will be oriented parallel to the screen. We will be prompted to select an object or command.

Modifying Units

To modify units, invoke the Options General option to expand the tree.

from Tool menu. Next, click on the + sign the left of the Choose the parameter and measure option and then

choose the units and then Ok.

There are various standard toolbars and buttons that appear in the workbenches of CATIA V5. These toolbar are discussed next.

Standard Toolbar

This toolbar is common in all workbench of CATIA V5.
The tools in this toolbar are used to start anew file, open a existing file, save a file, and print the current documents. These buttons are also used to cut and place the selection and temporary clipboard, copy a selection, paste the content from the keyboard to the selected location, undo, redo, and invoke the help topics. What’s this? Provides help on the toolbar icons.

Part Design Workbench Toolbars

We can invoke the part design workbench by choosing the new button from stander toolbar and selecting part from new dialog box displayed. Alternatively we can choose

Start>Mechanical Design>Part Design from the menubar. The toolbar in the Part design workbench are discussed next.

View toolbar

The button in the view toolbar are used for manipulating the view of the model using the tool such as pan, zoom, normal viewing about a planar surface, face of plane, defining a render style and so on. It is available on the all workbenches.


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